It’s Valentines day on Wednesday already, and you’re strapped to come up with a gift that is romantic and still original.

We’ve got your back with this list of local purveyors.

True Chocolate

Chocolatier Treena Tecson is obsessed with chocolate, and her passion for the confection shines through in her truffle products that are unlike any you’ll find in the mall. Our favorite True Chocolate products are the Nutty Dark truffles, with pistachio, almonds and sea salt.


Forget overpriced cut flowers that start wilting within three days. MNLGROWKITS offers plant-growing kits so you can grow your love together from seed to plant! While we favor the herb and fruit variations (because what says I love you more than food?), they also have flower-growing box kits.


Sweetheart with a sweet-tooth? Honest Junk makes alcoholic gummy bears from scratch. That’s as winning a combination as you and your boo.


They say that chili is an aphrodisiac, so why not turn the heat up with award-winning Garapal Hot Sauce? If you’re making dinner at home, this sauce will certainly turn the temperatures up a notch or three.

Doughnuts by Flour Jar

Homemade doughnuts by Flour Jar will impress your partner more than any cake or store bought donuts you will pick up. Incredibly light and fluffy with a selection of flavors that blow other brands out of the park, Flour Jar’s donuts are in danger of making your partner love them more than they love you.


Temptation began with an apple. For something lighter and more fun than wine this Valentines, pop open some bottles of refreshing and zingy Manzana cider instead.


Dinner at home? Get cheesy with a grazing table of your very own, using locally made cheeses from Casa Del Formaggio.

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