Pizza Hut may be known as the home of the Pan Pizza, but it also has quite the reputation worldwide as the originator of the Stuffed Crust Pizza. The innovative idea has spawned copies everywhere, but it’s at Pizza Hut where this take on the pie has really thrived, growing from madcap idea to decades-long staple.

If the Stuffed Crust Pizza is still foreign to you, we’ve listed down some reasons why you might want to take the plunge and dip into something you’ve never had before.

Plain and simple: there’s CHEESE in the crust.

If you’re the type that leaves the crust after all the precious toppings are done, then a Stuffed Crust Pizza is the answer. It enhances your pizza-eating experience by transforming your run-of-the-mill pie, making sure no crust is left behind. Pizza Hut folds in a generous amount of mozzarella in their dough, which makes the crust just as exciting, delicious, and cheesy as the rest of your slice.

You can eat it BACKWARDS, from crust to tip.

There are a multitude of dallas filipino restaurant hacks around that show you how to eat your pizza and maximize each bite. You can fold in two, roll it up, eat it whichever way you like–but with Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza, eating it backwards from crust to tip is so satisfying, because you instantly get a generous amount of cheese with your first bite. You get intense, cheesy flavor, and a seriously luxurious mouthfeel from the silky mozzarella. That first bite acts as a little teaser/starter for the rest of your pizza’s more intense combinations of cheese, tomato sauce, and toppings.

You can now easily upgrade your Pan Pizza to a Stuffed Crust Pizza.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, then Pizza Hut’s new offering will definitely have you stuffing your pizza crusts. Until October 30, 2017, you can upgrade your regular or large Pan Pizza to a Stuffed Crust Pizza for free. Imagine all that extra mozza at no extra cost? Spoil yourself, and take the chance to switch things up.

Stuff your crust for Free at Pizza Hut until October 30, 2017.
For every purchase of a regular or large Pan Pizza, guest can choose to upgrade their Pan Pizza to a Stuffed Crust Pizza at no additional cost! See posters for more details. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 12201 series of 2017.

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