You might not think much of marshmallows if you’ve only ever had the commercialized sort (yup, the ones you skewer with red hotdogs for these kiddie party favorites), but scratch-made mallows are a completely different story: soft, fluffy, and—when fresh—are about light as a cloud.

Offering homemade marshmallows in an array of creative flavors is Pufft, a homegrown marshmallow purveyor at Bonifacio Global City’s Uptown Mall.

Look out for this booth at the cinema level of Uptown Mall.

Part-owner and chef Meg Hornsby-Bates has long held a penchant for the classic candy. But she laments how the commercial versions she grew up with only ever tasted the same, despite coming in different colors. “I always thought that there has to be something more to this,” she relays. The opportunity presented itself as she started to have a family: unable to work the long hours of being in the restaurant kitchen, Hornsby-Bates decided to focus on making marshmallows—and thus the idea for Pufft was born.

Take your pick from their wide array of flavors.

While Pufft began as a small, family-run venture, selling mostly to family and friends and a number of small fairs, the response was “overwhelming”, encouraging Hornsby-Bates to participate in the annual Yummy Eats bazaar in 2015—where Pufft would take home the award for People’s Choice. With orders pouring in, Pufft shifted to a commercial business, eventually opening their own stall at the SM Mega Fashion Hall, and soon to their current home at the cinema level of Uptown Mall in Taguig.

The minis can be had in a Pick n’ Mix bag (where you can mix and match flavors), or skewered and torched—watch them transform into crusty-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside treats.

From their initial lineup of six, Pufft now offers 12 flavors to choose from, ranging from classics like Vanilla and Strawberries & Cream; more contemporary takes such as Salted Caramel or Mint Chocolate Chip;  Filipino flavors such as Mango Graham and Salted Ube; and returning seasonal flavors including Puto Bumbong (for Christmas), Black Sesame (for Chinese New Year), and Rose Almond & Lychee (for Valentine’s Day). Each flavor can be had either as 2×2-inch individual mallows or 1×1-inch minis—the latter of which can be mixed and matched with other flavors in a Pick n’ Mix bag, or skewered and torched to molten perfection. With the opening of the Uptown Mall branch, however, come other derivative treats, including scratch-made S’mores, Marshmallow Cream-Stuffed Cannoli, and an ultra-decadent Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Cream—all of which allude to the classic candy’s surprising versatility.

Here are some of the must-tries:


Made fresh and from scratch, Pufft’s signature marshmallows are soft and squishy with a melt-in-your-mouth airy but chewy, gooey quality as you bite down on each colossal two-inch piece. You’ll want to try all flavors, but our favorites include the one-of-a-kind Honeycomb & Chocolate, studded with gooey pockets of melted honeycomb candy that give each bite a burnt-sugar complexity; the Strawberries & Cream, a slightly tangy, aromatic number with real homemade strawberry jam; and the Chocolate Cookies & Cream, a slightly denser, chewier variant crusted with ground-up cookie crumbs on the outside and embedded with bits of chocolate wafer cookies within.

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Cream

Hot cocoa with melty mallows is a classic wintertime treat, but Pufft’s version—inspired by a similar treat Hornsby-Bates had at a café in London—takes it up a notch. On the base is an especially decadent hot chocolate that is properly bittersweet, and which is thick enough that you could eat it with a spoon. Topping each cup is a mound of Pufft’s own housemade marshmallow cream, torched briefly to char the edges before getting a final dusting of cocoa powder. With the contrast of deep, dark chocolate and sweet, fluffy mallow cream, you get one decadent treat that satisfies both the adult and child self.

Pufft Nuts

Hornsby-Bates again brings us a taste of London with these deceptively simple candied nuts, inspired by the classic street snack you’ll find around the city. Made with peanuts roasted with sugar and vanilla, you get a sweet and salty treat with crusty, sugary exteriors and crunchy, buttery peanut interiors—great for nibbling on while watching the movies or while going around the mall.

Pufft Marshmallows

A stall specializing in homemade marshmallows in different flavors.

ADDRESS: 3/F Cinema Area, Uptown Mall, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
CONTACT: 0916-400-9764 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SPEND: PHP 50-200
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