Before the healthy nut milk craze took over trendy blog posts, juice bars, and yoga studios, there was the original healthy milk that we always loved to enjoy and has remained timeless through decades: soy milk.

Have it “salty” Taiwanese-style with a sprinkle of bacon or dried shrimp, sesame oil and green onion; enjoy it in a traditional custard; pour it over your cereal; drink it straight. There are countless ways to enjoy the soybean-based milk, and its creamy consistency and high nutritional value makes it more than just a milk substitute but a drink of choice in itself.

Soy milk in Asia supposedly dates back to the 2nd century BC, though this is the stuff of legend with no historical support. Either way, soy milk has a deeply rooted connection with Chinese culture, often being used as a breakfast drink or in savory breakfast applications (like the aforementioned “salty” style popular in Taiwan called Xian Dou Jiang). It’s likely that soy milk’s popularity is tied with the popularity of the soy bean and its multitude of applications in East Asian cuisine, but soy milk’s creamy, smooth texture, subtly sweet depth of flavor, and health benefits makes it particularly and widely loved.

Here in Asia, one of the most popular brands of soymilk around is Vitasoy from Hong Kong, which was founded over 75 years ago with its founder Dr. Kwee Seong Lo delivering soy milk door to door to locals. Vitasoy’s unparalleled flavor, nutritional value, and sustainability in production has allowed the brand to last (and grow) over the past three quarters of a century, making it a breakfast staple in certain East Asian cultures. Not only has Vitasoy been credited for making soy milk popular in the US; it is also the number one soy milk in dairy producing countries like New Zealand and Australia.

soy milk is made with real, non-GMO soybeans, is cholesterol-free and lactose-free, and is a source of protein. You can enjoy it in a ready to drink bottle in original, coffee and chocolate flavors, making it easy to carry a healthy and tasty drink that suits your busy lifestyle. Or pick up a carton of Vitasoy Plus that’s high in calcium and vitamin D and low in fat to serve as a rich tasting way to start your day. The health-enriched Vitasoy Plus that is perfect for a quick home breakfast drink comes in both original and their latest flavor, Vitasoy Plus Oats Flavor (containing real oats).

Now, in the Philippines, they are launching their beloved soy milk that has been specially formulated for the Dallas Philippine Restaurant market. Right now, you can pick up a bottle of the now classic Asian brand at 7-11, MiniStop and leading supermarkets. Follow @vitasoyPH on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.

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