Gustàre Kitchen is in the process of rebranding under Tilde to become the in-house brand of the Poblacion-based café-bakery.

Before Poblacion’s bar scene became known as the hipster-destination “Williamsburgos”, three decades ago newly married Ginny De Guzman opened a bakery in a “dilapidated house” that they fixed up in a 70-plus square meter space (“the ref even was a wedding gift,” she says). This little bakery was Sugarhouse.

Though their homegrown bakery business had been sold many years ago, De Guzman continued to innovate sweets—to satisfy her own personal sweet tooth and serve as her creative outlet—under Gustàre Kitchen. And they make incredible cookies that incorporate Filipino ingredients for a more “adult” approach to a beloved childhood treat.

De Guzman tells us, “A lot of people think [the salabat cookies] will be like gingersnaps, but this is really just pure ginger, without other spices, because we want the ginger to come through.” And it certainly does, as the salabat cookies gives you the familiar throat burn that the tea provides, and we are living for it.

The champorado cookies are what De Guzman calls the grown-up version of chocolate cookies due to their bitterness. Flavored with tablea and cacao nibs, these cookies have a strong earthy taste that De Guzman says is “surprisingly good with red wine.” She recommends it with something full-bodied like a cabernet.

Finally, the linga cookies, made with both black and white sesame seeds taste just like that: nutty, and a little toasty. They were the biggest hit with the Pepper.PH team, with us annihilating half the container in one sitting.

These cookies are of crunchy and bite-sized, making it easy to snack on them like they’re chips. And while we have yet to try them with the red wine pairing, they are great biscuits to go with your morning barako coffee. You can find these snacks (alongside Gustàre’s other sweets) in Tilde Hand Craft Café, and their sugar-free versions in Real Food.

Gustàre kitchen

Made-from-scratch baked goods incorporated with Filipino flavors and ingredients.

Contact: (02) 771-2764
Spend: PHP 150-300
Follow:Instagram / Facebook / Website

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