Fruit salad is one of the most essential things on a Filipino Christmas table.

It doesn’t matter what mains are on the table, fruit salad is bound to be on the list of desserts. It’s the sure-hit dish that everyone from picky titas to the youngest cousin will love, which is why it often takes centerstage.

This Christmas, surprise your family and friends with recipes they will certainly love. Instead of knocking out classic recipes, impress everyone with modern takes that show off some flair, made even better with NESTLÉ Cream.

Strawberry Shortcake Fruit Salad

Take a popular cake and turn it into a layered fruit salad for a sweet showstopper. This strawberry shortcake has all the elements of the light and airy confection, but layered almost like an English trifle. Sweeten NESTLÉ Cream, and top it with an abundance of strawberries (fresh or frozen will do the trick), then lightly crumble graham crackers on top to act as the cake element.

Tropical Fruit Salad

Celebrate a Christmas in the tropics by utilizing fruit that’s fresh in the Philippines most of the year. This fruit salad has elements that’s similar to the ingredients in any beach cocktail, one that’s full of both sweetness and tang. Mangoes and pineapples bring brightness to this fruit salad, but the NESTLÉ Cream still makes it feel like an indulgence. Top with toasted coconut or shaved coconut to bring things to an even more summery height.

Banana Split Fruit Salad

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, why not marry two classic desserts in one? Banana splits often highlight the unchallenged trio of Neapolitan flavors, so make a fruit salad that does so as well. Incorporate a hefty amount of strawberry jam into your NESTLÉ Cream to sweeten it up, then fold in bananas. Add a generous amount of chocolate in between layers–it’s Christmas, so it’s alright to overindulge.

Apple Pie Fruit Salad

American Christmases are all about fall flavors–bourbon, pumpkin spice, and most importantly, apple pie. This fresh new take on apple pie makes the warming staple a little more opulent. Cover slightly-stewed apples in NESTLÉ Cream that’s been scented with cinnamon, then top with a crumble muesli or granola to mimic the traditional pie’s crunchy crust.

Halo-Halo Fruit Salad

If you think your titas still want something incredibly Filipino, this fruit salad is inspired by a dessert made by Dedet de la Fuente, whose Pepita’s Lechon is so popular, even Anthony Bourdain has had it. This version uses broas underneath, and is topped with NESTLÉ Cream, a generous helping of sweetened langka, and a drizzle of ube halaya.

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