Located at the end of the Alley at Karrivin is a creative collaboration between Hydra Design Group,  Tasteless Food Group, and La Marzocco (the same guys behind Yardstick), who tapped the pastry-making pair Kristine Lotilla and Mikko Aspiras for a coffee & doughnut shop.

With black metal and cement gray interiors, and ominous neon purple lighting (which designer Dan Matutina has said people have compared to something out of Blade Runner), Poison Coffee & Doughnuts indeed seems like a café that belongs in a dystopian future.

Matutina says that unlike the evil characters in the comics, and the appearance of Poison’s façade, they’re a friendly bunch—something they reflect in their lighthearted hashtag #HeyHydra.

Matutina explains that its sinister exterior satirizes the idea of villains having a ‘front’ to cover their activities, as it acts as the literal front and passageway to enter the slick new offices of Hydra and Tasteless. Though the design group was actually named as such after the many-headed serpent in Greek mythology (to represent the many creative heads that compose the group namely KM Interior Design, Inksurge, Plus63 Design Co., and Acid House), others thought they named it after the villainous organization from the Marvel Universe, and Matutina says they just rode with it for the theme of Poison.

If you look at [the Blueberry Lemon Donut], it looks like a creature. We wanted to go with something that was relatable [in flavor], but with a twist so that it’s still unique.” – Kristine Lotilla

Each sub-group within Hydra contributed to the Poison experience, with Acid House designing the motion animation that plays continuously against the wall, KM Interior Design designing the interiors, Inksurge doing their graphic design, and Plus63 Design Co. taking care of the branding. And with the development of doughnuts—much to the joy of the offices in Poison—though it was ultimately up to the chefs, everyone got to weigh in on the flavors, with frequent tastings involving the multiple teams.

These are the two flavors that we think you should try:


Eep, we ate our sugar-coated garam masala doughnut too fast to take a solo but here’s a shot of the glazed vanilla doughnut! And check out the display of the garam masala doughnut on the left up there.

If you are going for the traditional donut with a hole, we recommend the Garam Masala Doughnut. As fans of savory-sweet desserts, it’s no wonder that this stood out to us: in encapsulates the complexity of the garam masala spice, that meets together well with their sourdough doughnut that has a more cake or bread-like texture. For us, it is wonderfully nostalgic have old-fashioned sugar-coated doughnuts as opposed to glazed, the way the gritty sugar granules stick to your lips and your chin and adding a new dimension of texture to your snack.


PHP 70 for one of these stunning creatures.

There is a level of theater to the egg custard brûlée. The fried dessert appears like a plain, barely appealing, filled doughnut while on display, but its name is enough to entice us to order. Once you order, they torch the top to create the brûlée layer we adore so much from the classic crème dessert. The torching heats up the inner egg custard so that it becomes warm and oozes out. Beyond the fun of cracking the caramelized crust on top, biting into the warm doughnut reveals everything that we had hoped it would be and more.

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts

A coffee & doughnuts shop that acts as the lobby to Tasteless Food Group and Hydra Design Group’s offices, with coffee prepared by La Marzocco and doughnuts by chefs Kristine Lotilla and Mikko Aspiras.

Address: G/F The Alley At Karrivin, Bldg. C, Karrivin Plaza, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
Visit: 10AM-8PM on Mondays to Saturdays
Contact: (02) 752-0327
Spend: PHP 50-180

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