The office Christmas party is often the most difficult one to plan.

If the honor falls upon you this year, you have much more to think about than just decorations. We’ve got you covered. Here are tips on throwing the best party, from alcohol and entertainment, to buying the best feast for the team.

Avoid work talk

The thing that most people dread about office Christmas parties is the fact that it seems like just a longer version of your work day. It gives your boss an excuse to follow up that presentation you were meant to tweak, or an email you were just about to send. Here’s a great idea: avoid work talk, or ban it altogether! Be absolutely congenial to everyone in the party and ask them about their life outside of work. You might discover interesting things about the people you share your cubicle with, and find colleagues to hang out with afterwards.

When it comes to food, splurge on the tried and tested

Food is the most important part of any Filipino fiesta, and is probably the most difficult aspect of the party to decide on. Everyone will have an opinion on what to order, and which dish is best, which just adds a lot more problems to your already long party checklist. How can you please everybody? When there’s already too much to think about, why not get the tried and tested option that’s bound to please, and has options for everyone?

Nothing’s better than buckets of fried chicken, but with more combinations that will still feel like you splurged on the Christmas party more than the usual office spread. KFC has come up with a genius Christmas feast that brings more to the table than their signature, umami-packed chicken. It comes with 2 spaghetti plates to make it even more festive, rice for those who want a plain carb to make their gravy and chicken the star, drinks to wash all the goodness down, and an ENTIRE chocolate mousse cake that is a blessing from the dessert gods. It’s the ultimate Filipino party meal from start to finish, and the only bundle everyone in your office will agree on.

Find the perfect alcohol to entertainment ratio

Getting liquored up at the office Christmas party is inevitable. Everyone wants to let loose a little after a year of hard work, and having a few drinks will definitely be on the company wish list. But it’s easy for things to get a little out of control, so make sure that everyone’s on a fun, comfortable level where accidents can totally be avoided. Get entertainment that will allow everyone to have fun when a little tipsy, but not overly competitive. Hire a karaoke machine, have some fun parlor games that will turn kids into adults, ensuring that everyone will be talking about how much of a fun success the party was.

The perfect holiday meal for any occasion is KFC Colonel’s Christmas Feast, which comes in 8-pc and 6-pc bundles. Available at all stores nationwide.

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