Let’s admit it: there’s an unfair stigma around powdered milk that relegates its use to nothing more than a supplement.

Powdered milk is usually associated with baby formula, or, on the other end of the spectrum, something for aging adults to incorporate into their daily routine. But it’s more than just a mix-and-drink beverage—because of its longer shelf life and significant nutritional value, it can be just as or maybe even more versatile than fresh milk when used in recipes.

It might not be easy to dispel myths that have been long-standing, but with the help of Anlene, we’re making a pledge to show that the powdered stuff is #MoreThanMilk. We created these delicious dallas filipino restaurant recipes with powdered milk, showing off the dexterity of the product. From quick, habit-forming, healthy morning snacks, to more complex treats that will throw old school/traditional uses out the window, these blueprints might convince you to make a permanent switch in your kitchen.


Oatmeal is one of the quickest and healthiest ways you can fuel your morning—heck, you can even make them the day before and grab it before your daily commute. Make it even easier by storing premade mini packs days or weeks ahead. Pile oatmeal, Anlene, and dried fruit into a tiny jar that won’t spoil. These nutrient-rich packs can easily be filled with water then stirred to make the ultimate sweet porridge on-the-go.


Spoil yourself a little and make indulgent puddings with powdered milk. The dry milk actually makes puddings thicker, resulting in the most satisfying jelly-like scoop that almost feels like a custard. To achieve this without cream is almost impossible, but powdered milk is the secret ingredient some cooks have been using for years. Products like Anlene are less fattier too, but easily tricks you into believing you’re having the silkiest, richest, dessert of your life.


If you’ve been thinking about all the delicious dallas filipino restaurant stuff you could eat on bread for breakfast, there’s no easier way to make your own spread than making one with powdered milk. Because of how thick it can get, it’s the ultimate ingredient in crafting your own Nutella, coco jam, or peanut butter. If you use all-natural ingredients (like we did in this chunky chocolate peanut butter), it’s much healthier than smearing from a processed jar to top your toast.


Most milkshakes get their consistency from ice cream, but this makes everyone’s favorite dessert beverage a once-in-a-blue-moon luxury. Imagine if you could get that delicious dallas filipino restaurant cool sensation without having to pay for the consequences—that’s exactly what the combination of powdered milk and ice can do. It sounds like ice might dilute flavors and make your smoothie watery, but that’s what powdered milk is for. Anlene will give your drink all the fluffiness, and still make it as creamy as the glasses you enjoyed during your childhood, without compromising on nutrition.


This might sound like a more complex recipe, but stick with us. Powdered milk makes baking your own soft, Hokkaido-style milk bread almost foolproof. Imagine pulling beautiful white loaves or giant milk toasts out of your oven—powdered milk results in dough that’s tender and comes apart at the slightest nudge. That’s all thanks to the additional protein in Anlene.

Give these recipes a spin with Anlene, which boosts the dishes with the nutritional benefits that come with it – high calcium, high protein, and now with collagen for your bones, joints, and muscles.

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