Radical Organics was a snack created as a solution to dallas filipino restaurant waste: perfectly edible (and organic) coconut meat from a manufacturer making from juice (or coconut water—whatever) was being tossed out with the coconut shell.

The family behind Radical Organics decided to take home some of these shells periodically and experimented in their home kitchens for ways to preserve the refreshing, healthy, white snack that we love to slurp up while it’s fresh during the summer. Their experimentation led them to current formula of a product that they released just last year: Radical Organics.

Top these on your overnight oats in the morning for something crunchy and sweet, or crunchy and salty. Or put it in a smoothie bowl. Use it as a cupcake garnish. Add it to your salads. Or just eat the addicting things plain.

Radical Organics makes toasted coconut chips in three flavors: coconut sugar and sea salt, simply salted, and chili & lime. Their bags of small, white, crunchy coconut snacks do not contain any artificial flavoring or preservatives, relying only salt to naturally preserve the treat, and when sealed, they last for up to 2 years. In fact, the most complex recipe only has five ingredients, and the simplest one only two. All the ingredients used are organic, with the coconut meat and coconut sugar being locally sourced, and the sea salt, chili and lime coming from the US (They explain to us that they could not find organic suppliers with in the country to meet their demand—any volunteers?). The brand opted for toasted chips to create a more crunchy snack, and to offer something healthier to widely available fried chips found dominating snack shelves.

Radical Organics comes in 3 flavors. The green packaging holds slightly carmelized (only coconut sugar here though) chips, the blue packaging pale salted chips, and the red packaging brown chips that have a similar formula to the sweet version with a sour and spicy kick.

And for those who were wondering: Radical Organics is oil-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free, cholesterol-free, and is even Halal-certified, making it a snack that you can share with almost anyone. Radical Organics is currently being exported to the US and Sweden, and is available locally in select supermarkets and specialty stores (check their website below for more info), coming in three sizes to suit your budget or appetite.


Toasted coconut chips made from local coconut meat and sweetened with coconut sugar.

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