It’s lunchtime and you find yourself at your favorite KFC joint.

Sure you could get your usual Original chicken with rice or Zinger—but are you open to trying out a new kind of bite? We’ve previously bowled the one-bowl madness that is their Sisig—and today, KFC changes the game once again with the new Sisig Burrito.

Burritos may be foreign, but their appeal isn’t all that hard to understand; how can you go wrong with a treat that fuses multiple textures and tastes into a transportable roll? This Tex-mex classic lends itself to worldwide adaptability, and the fatty but bright flavors of our sisig make it more than apt as a filling—especially when it’s fused with a familiar fast dallas filipino restaurant treat. Imagine KFC’s signature shots, the always-crisp and flavorful chicken treat you know and love; sisig rice, the Filipino favorite starch flavored with the sisig’s unctuous goodness; sisig sauce, the piquant, fatty relish packed with the essence of sisig in every drop; chicken skin, the crispy, salty “icing” on the cake (if you will) that makes every bite even crunchier; and mayonnaise, the creamy component that brings everything together—all wrapped underneath a warm piece of tortilla that’s toasty on the outside but soft on the inside, hugging and holding every single part in place.

Whether eaten right in-store or for takeaway, each bite lands you equal parts salty and spicy, with crunch, starchiness, and creaminess that keeps your taste buds guessing as you chew—which sounds like a mouthful, but fret not. A game changer it may be, but at the end of the day it’s the no-fail comfort of two treats we’ll never tire of—sisig and KFC chicken—all wrapped up into one neat, handheld package.

The KFC Sisig Burrito is now available in all stores, at an ala-carte price of PHP 95 and a combo meal price of PHP 140 with regular fries and drink.

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