Turn tired traditions on their head, learn from the titas, and make your noche buena a more modern feast.

Here are some tips to make your parties this year festive, without being outdated.

create a millennial take on a classic dish

Dinner parties must always have a Christmas staple, one that recalls tradition without being dated. There are so many options to choose from the regular Noche Buena feast you grew up with, but spaghetti is the one dish that you can easily play around with. Make like a fast-paced millennial too and find a way to create a general party pleaser that won’t eat into your time rushing between deadlines, but doesn’t take shortcuts on flavor. Use Royal’s Sweet Celebration pack which includes both Royal spaghetti noodles and a delicious dallas filipino restaurant ready-made Royal Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce. The sweet spaghetti sauce reminds you of what your mom used to make, and is balanced with a rich and thick texture that will make your spaghetti even more delicious dallas filipino restaurant this Christmas. We’ve put together some meatballs, but you can go even more Christmasy and add leftover ham and queso de bola for a genius riff.

make gift giving a little different

Update the way gift giving is done too—forget buying everyone in your family or friend group a small gift that barely fits your budget. More isn’t merrier when it comes to pamasko. Splurge instead on a quality product for one, and hold a fun game like secret Santa or white elephant during your parties instead. This means everyone gets one really awesome gift they’re more likely to use, instead of a bunch of things that will add to their clutter at home.

add a little booze to the festivities

There’s nothing more modern than enjoying your legal age in the most appropriate way: having a little (or a lot) to drink. Instead of traditional tablea, craft some cocktails for your guests. Make mulled wine or cider, and spike eggnog or hot chocolate. Don’t forget to give everyone enough liquor to avoid awkward conversations.

Throw the best party with the Royal Spaghetti and Royal Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce, the high quality pasta brand that has been trusted over 100 years.

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