Friends Kimberly Hwan and Jessica Ong’s palates were forever changed after trying a (sadly now closed) Italian restaurants’ ravioli in New York.

“The dish was made with soft, delicate pasta filled with truffle cheese, and cooked with simply butter and parmesan cheese. It was so memorable that upon returning to Manila, we attempted to make our own ravioli.”

No need to thaw before cooking, letting you have a gourmet meal in under 10 minutes.

They began making their own ravioli manually, using a rolling pin, and found that they enjoyed the process so much, they invested in a pasta maker. Though the process is time consuming (They make the pasta doughs by hand, then make the filling, then scoop the filling onto the sheet before slicing it with a rotella, which gives it the ridged edge), they simply enjoy being able to work on their favorite dish together and share it with others.

Though they offer their serving suggestions, they love seeing what combinations you come up with.

Currently, they have 4 variants: mushroom ravioli (which they recommend with a cream sauce), organic spinach ravioli (best with tomato sauce), three-cheese ravioli (sauté them in butter then top with parmesan cheese, they suggest), and their latest, sun-dried tomato ravioli with black pepper dough (best served with olive oil and basil).


Frozen homemade ravioli that you can boil and eat in less than 10 minutes.

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