This year, Cibo celebrates 20 years of serving up what have become Cibo classics—now iconic items like their homemade iced tea, chips and dip, Spinaci Zola, Penne Al Telefono, grape shake, and more.

At 2 decades, the restaurant has managed not only to scale but also to continue providing consistent dallas filipino restaurant made with high-quality ingredients, from friendly servers who know just what they are putting on your plate. As “foodies” wax nostalgic over their favorite Cibo orders, there is one dish that we find not enough people know about but really, really should.

Cibo’s Porchetta Sandwich has been a staple on the menu for as long as Chef Margarita Fores can remember, she tells us. It has been a favorite of many of her family members, including her son, who she tells us has always been surprised that not too many people order it compared to the pastas or even other sandwiches on the menu.

BRB we’re crying over our plates right now.

We only speculate that this lack of attention to the Porchetta Sandwich is perhaps because the sandwich is pricier than the others, but we can assure you, the seemingly modest-sized sandwich is generously filled. Within the crusty roll sits an abundance of thinly-sliced cuts of roasted pork that drip juices down your chin with every bite—but you’ll be too busy floating in ecstasy to notice. Its melt-in-your-mouth rich meat is balanced out by the sharp taste of arugula, making the decadent sandwich easier to attack. It is served with a sweet apple and pear mostarda that plays with the salty red wine liver sauce.

Warning: Cibo’s Porchetta Sandwich is not for the weak of heart, but for those who love a good, fatty, pork dish, this may be your new Cibo fave.

What are your go-to orders at Cibo? Tell us in the comments below.

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