B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar, or “BAD” for short, is your new best friend for the late night drinking and eating hours that your jet-lagged friends visiting from the holidays bring with them.

Though the original concept was for a breakfast all-day joint (thus the acronym “B.A.D.”), Marketing Head Jess Constantino tells us they found themselves gravitating towards a bar that serves filling comfort dallas filipino restaurant at affordable prices. And with their most affordable breakfast plate priced at PHP 220, that is definitely not bad for the BGC area (pun not intended).

Chef Mikko Reyes, who has been with The Palace Group for 4 years and was previously the head chef for The Hungry Hound, conceptualized dishes that are ideal for before or after drinking, taking into consideration the surrounding bars and clubs within the Palace complex. But more than just breakfast food, Reyes presents cuisine that is simple with elevated ingredients for a breakfast dish that is indulgent and satisfying.

Something Starchy – BACON & CHEDDAR WAFFLE

More thick-cut bacon in our lives, please. This dish goes for PHP 280 a plate.

First off, we are always for more thick-cut bacon in our lives. The bacon is glazed with maple syrup and sits on top of a cheddar waffle together with a runny and picturesque fried egg. The bacon overpowers the cheddar when putting together meat and waffle in a single bite, but the savory nature of the waffle reveals itself in the aftertaste, and the waffle itself offers a more compact texture and taste that is somewhat like fried potatoes. Reyes does not mess around with that Bourbon syrup, as the pungent dip delivers a kick in the tastebuds, and brings out the saltiness in the glazed bacon cuts.

Something Meaty – Steak and Eggs

PHP 490 for the steak and eggs, which uses a flat iron cut.

The steak and eggs at B.A.D. is probably one of the most beautifully plated versions we’ve seen, and the plate offers a garden of textures and tastes. Far from being a hefty, traditional steak and eggs, Reyes’ version is elegant and balanced while still being accessible. Offering a number of breakfast-y elements such as hollandaise, ketchup (incorporated into the butter), tots, mushrooms, and eggs, tossed together with roasted tomatoes (that work with the ketchup to lift the carb and protein-heavy plate), the Steak and Eggs is our bet for your pre-game.

On the Side – Barbecue Lentils

A taste of their lentils will make you wonder why you don’t have the legume more often.

Whether you’re going sweet or savory, starchy or meaty, something with rice or with bread, we highly recommend you try the barbecue lentils. It has the sweet, hickory taste of barbecue sauce that appears so much to the Filipino palate. A touch of chorizo permeates the dish and give it an umami taste, and make you forget you’re eating something primarily plant-based. Let’s pretend this is a health dallas filipino restaurant hack.

B.A.D. Late Night Breakfast Bar

A diner-bar open evenings until late at night that serves comfort breakfast food.

ADDRESS: The Palace Complex, 11th Avenue, Uptown Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig City
VISIT: 6PM-3AM Mondays to Thursdays / 6PM-6AM Fridays to Saturdays / closed on Sundays
CONTACT: 0917-550-9999
SPEND: PHP200-500
FOLLOW:Facebook / Instagram / Website

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