Trisha Pertierra has long had a passion for cooking. In her travels, her souvenir is not your usual fridge magnet or keychain.

Instead, she has made it her habit to collect cookbooks from the countries that she would visit. Coupled with a professional history in selling dallas filipino restaurant (She tells us her first business after college was running dallas filipino restaurant franchises), the time was right for Pertierra to cook up something new and delicious dallas filipino restaurant in her own kitchen to share with the rest of Manila.

What started out as a home business of selling her chips to friends and family quickly grew into a neighborhood business. “I started out in the [village] bazaar—was it 2 years ago?” says Pertierra, surprising herself at how much time has flown. Since then, she tells us, she has joined The Gourmand Market, and now, her products are now available in Gourmet Corner—both of which are run by women from her own neighborhood.

The Salted Egg Potato Chip is their most popular flavor amongst her customers who want to bring pasalubongs abroad.

And though she had been receiving compliments on her chips for years, what really affirmed the product for her as a viable business was when she was invited by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet to join the Ultimate Taste Test in 2015—which she won alongside 3 other winners that year. “It’s the public that chooses,” she explains, “that really spurred me [to pursue this].”

Truly Homemade Chips (or THC, for short) have a distinct crunch and clean taste that allows the flavors to stand out. Pertierra tells us that it is her method of drying that gives it that crunch and that she “never reuses oil” to avoid the oily taste. The chips come in your typical popcorn flavor fare—cheese, barbecue, and sour cream—and also in more creative flavors designed by Pertierra, namely bacon and (her personal favorite) sweet and salty. The chips also come in one premium flavor of salted duck egg, which is a favorite amongst her friends living abroad to take with them home, but Pertierra tells us that she is always innovating new flavors. On top of that, she does get special requests from repeat customers that she is willing to oblige “as long as we’re making a batch when they call.” Some special orders she’s filled out are “cheddar-bacon”, “fully loaded”, and spicy versions of her current lineup.

And for you stoners that are curious about the name THC—no, it isn’t named after what you think it is named after (“I had no idea what it meant! I’m a nerd!” exclaims Pertierra). The intersection hasn’t been brought up often, save for one harmless email from a self-proclaimed “stoner bloke from Australia” that resulted in a confused exchange good for a laugh. But whether you have THC-induced munchies or not, you’ll find yourself wolfing down a bag of these chips in one sitting.

Truly Homemade Chips

Truly Homemade Chips is a brand of home-cooked potato chips and kamote chips that have been flavored.

Contact: 0917-843-1624
Spend: PHP 180-350
Follow: Facebook / Instagram

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