Angel Alegre started as many local home-bakers do—in the kitchen of his mother.

His mother was a home-baker herself, and he recalls watching her make nostalgic treats like Pineapple Upside Down Cake and other baked treats for family gatherings and parties when he was a child. He and his siblings would often assist their mother in her kitchen creations, but as he reached his teens, Alegre began experimenting on his own recipes, and Alegre’s Kitchen was later born.

Chocolate treats that the kids won’t steal from your pantry, and made in ideal small proportions.

Alegre’s take on classic chocolate cookies is dark, rich and mature—the kind of cookies that you may have shied away from as a child, but seek out as an adult. They use high-quality chocolate, with the chocolate chunks in his Double Chocolate Almond Fudge Cookies coming from Belgium, and the cocoa powder from local award-winning cocoa manufacturer Malagos Chocolate to achieve the intense chocolate flavor; the almonds offer a woody taste to counteract this intensity. The kind of cookie that isn’t afraid to showcase the bitterness of dark chocolate as a foil to its sweetness, the Double Chocolate Almond Fudge features a fascinating texture that showcases a similar duality: crunchy and almost-hard on the outside, stain-your-teeth wet and chewy on the inside.

The Brownie Bites use local cacao nibs from the south that Alegre describes as “really world class,” with the nibs offering a deep roasted flavor to the brownies that counteracts the sweetness of the brownie itself, and lending their own kind of crunch (suitable for the nut-averse or allergic).

Finally, Alegre’s ensaymadas are ones we believe are destined to become a holiday staple. Much like his approach to his chocolate goodies, his ensaymadas also take on more mature flavors than many of the sweet, buttery, gooey ones on the market. Topped with parmesan, the saltiness of the cheese that has been grated to a thick powder is the most evident flavor, heightening the experience of the fluffy base-pastry. The dulce de leche-filled variant offers just enough dulce de leche that you can wolf one down to yourself and feel like you’ve had just the right distribution of flavor to hit the spot.

Alegre’s Kitchen

A home-based baked goods business that makes made-to-order cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes and other desserts.

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