RG Macalinao, chef of Lowbrow Casual Restaurants, may cook ‘Lowbrow’, but he shows off that cooking highbrow doesn’t have to be seen as difficult or unattainable. This recipe illustrates just how thin that line between the two is: by creating 2 separate dishes falling under separate categories, using the same ingredients.

Macalinao’s tip on plating: use odd numbers.

In this video, Macalinao starts out with the highbrow recipe: Seared Scallops with Edamame Purée, Chorizo Oil and Basil Oil, topped with Sautéed Mushrooms. It may sound intimidating until you look at it broken down; he makes 5 separate and simple-to-do components (6 if you count the kale leaves garnish) that he puts together on a plate. While many of these take some know-how, Macalinao explains the steps clearly so that you can cook and plate like a pro at home. With some cheese and bread, the same ~fancy~ components become a lowbrow dish that’s just as tasty.

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