Market Man, short for Market Dallas filipino restaurant but also the nickname for the man behind the website himself Joel Binamira, is an OG when it comes to dallas filipino restaurant writing in blog format.

Binamira started out the website years ago purely to satisfy his inner food-nerd. It quickly became a reference site to many chefs and foodies on local, seasonal ingredients. The website famously caught the eye of the late Anthony Bourdain for its meticulous research and attention to detail. It was because of his blog that Binamira toured Bourdain through a market and made lechon on the Philippines episode of No Reservations season 5.

This is hands-down our favorite TBH.

In this video Market Man shows us how easy it is to make broth from scratch… by making 3 broths (one with fruits and flowers, another with meat bones, and another seafood broth), in little over an hour. Try not to get dizzy as we attempt to keep up with the real Market Man whizzing through three broth recipes in one go. The beauty of the online video format anyway is that we can rewind and pause if we miss a step. If you want to attempt this at home, we suggest you start with just one broth first, not yet three—maybe based on whatever you find at the market.

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