So you’re craving pizza in Metro Dallas filipino restaurant but not the fast dallas filipino restaurant or restaurant chain kind.

Something cooked the old fashioned way: in a brick oven with the best ingredients that you can buy. Your next stop should probably be at Crosta Pizzeria.

Great pizza is casual and delicious.”

Crosta Pizzeria uses a sourdough crust that is worthy of the dallas filipino restaurant park tenant naming their pizzeria after it (Crosta is Italian for crust), and owners Ingga Cabangon-Chua and Tom Woudwyck make their crust in a way that employs more “bread-making techniques rather than pizza techniques”. While they tell us that they wish to pay tribute to pizza’s Italian roots, their approach to pizza is “all about the crust” and making that perfect “crunch on the outside.”

Crosta also has specials aside from their pizza that change up depending on the ingredients available to them.

Woudwyck reveals that they filled up four notebooks with different recipes and ideas, and around 4 years of experimenting with pizzas, before finally perfecting their crust recipe. The sourdough crust requires a 48 hour fermentation period on average, though it is tricky to ferment in a country like the Philippines “where humidity is so variable.”

Soon, Cabangon-Chua and Woudwyck hope to have monthly pizza specials that differ every month, giving them a chance to play around with produce in season, and perhaps even foray into different styles of pizza. The couple are not shy from daring pizzas, as they even offer a dairy-free option for all their pizzas (Pizza without cheese? Who woulda thunk it.) that you would have a hard time believing is vegan.

During your next visit to Crosta, these are what we recommend:

The Retiree

If you are Team Hawaiian, pick up The Retiree at Crosta Pizzeria, with pineapple, bacon and fennel sausage. | PHP 300

Team Hawaiian, Crosta has got a new pineapple-y pie for you. The Retiree is named after tourists “in their Hawaiian shirts”, Woudwyck laughs (All the names of their pies playfully “personify the people ordering the pizza”). For The Retiree, the bacon and fennel sausage provide a more challenging flavor than Hawaiian pizza’s typical ham topping. Think of it as Hawaiian all grown up, but still with your favorite sweet and spiky pineapple bites to give it a touch of nostalgia.

Pork You!

Pork You! For people who cannot get enough meat on their pizza. This pie goes for PHP 400.

So you don’t want to try one of their vegan pizzas? The Pork You! is just right for aggressive meat-eaters. With 4 types of pork (bacon, fennel sausage, salami and pancetta), the Pork You! spoils you with a variety of porky flavors that build on their gooey, stretchy mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. Though the pies are 11″, this particular pie is heavier than the rest thanks to the generous meat toppings, making it ideal for sharing, or if you’re like us, consuming it all to yourself when you’re particularly ravenous.


A local pizzeria specializing in brick oven pizza with a sourdough crust.

ADDRESS: The Social on Ebro, 5770 Ebro St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
VISIT: 5PM-12AM Fridays to Saturdays / 5PM-11PM Sundays to Thursdays / closed on Mondays
SPEND: PHP 200-400

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