For the past few months, Knorr Liquid Seasoning has been holding a competition throughout the country to find the next Knorr-Certified Sisig Masters.

Sisig has unofficially become our national dish, and Knorr has challenged our nation’s chefs to innovate this homegrown creation. After some grueling rounds, the two-star winners have been chosen from across the islands, with a lot of unsung talents garnering top prizes. We’ve chosen some of the winners, whose works deserve a trip to their restaurants before the final leg.

To see all the two-star winners, click here.

Sisig Quesadilla from Bigby’s, Cagayan de Oro

Bigby’s Cafe, a CDO staple since 1998, turned out a Fil-Mex spin on the pulutan classic. Chef Lendon Salon puts his sauteed sisig mix in between two tortillas, and adds an abundance of different types of cheese to add texture.

Cheesig Burger from Tamper Coffee and Brunch, Bohol

Chef Armida Bersabal’s take also involves carbs, but instead, puts our beloved sisig into a burger. The layers are all delicious–a heaping of lightly-tossed coleslaw, a generous fried egg, then sisig and an atsuete-influenced cheese sauce.

Cheesy Pork Sisig Marrow from Khimica, Manila

If you think sisig couldn’t get more indulgent, Khimica introduces rich bone marrow into the dish. There’s layers of flavor with each bite thanks to the delicious dallas filipino restaurant fat provided by the marrow.

Sisig-filled Ravioli in Creamy Vino Blanco Sauce from Q Cafe, Cebu

Italian and Filipino may not sound like two cuisines that could marry well together, but Q Café makes it work by folding the fatty pork mix into a pasta. Ravioli is filled with sisig, then tossed in a creamy sauce made with white wine.

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